Turn your hobby into a Business


Turn your special interest or hobby into a career. Perhaps you could start out converting your hobby into a money making venture while continuing your present job. Many times what you’re enjoying as a pastime could become a good second income or more.

If you like making jewelry, sell it at an on-line auction or craft fair. Or, use your jewelry expertise to become a jewelry salesperson at a local store and perhaps advancing to a jewelry buyer or repair person.

Writing presents many opportunities and you can do this at home or anywhere you have a laptop. You may not get rich as a travel writer but it offers many perks of sometimes traveling and eating for free.

Entrepreneurs who sell things on line are always looking for good ghostwriters to write interesting articles and sales letters. Good copywriters are always in demand to work from home or at an advertising agency.

Talents such as dancing, gardening or being good with animals all offer many opportunities to transform these hobbies into moneymakers or job changers. Check the ads to see if jobs are being offered in these related fields. Getting a better job takes time and effort. But, if you’re not happy with your current place of employment it will be worth it. It’s up to you to get the job search ball rolling.

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