Save a Marriage and Receive Health Benefits

Save a Marriage and Receive Health Benefits

A happy marriage can bring many good things into your life for both husbands and wives. It means the merging of two families into one and the blessing of children. Married couples usually amass more wealth, earn a higher income and live in a more expensive home. It seems when you’re married you’re better educated too.

But, there’s one benefit of a happy marriage you may not have expected and that’s better health, both physical and emotional. So remember to choose your companion wisely because it could be beneficial (or harmful) to your health. Strange as it may seem, those couples who only live together don’t share the same health benefits. Too, a bad and unhappy marriage can adversely affect your health.

A study from the Center for Disease Control revealed that married couples are healthier than divorced, widowed, never married, or those who cohabitate. But, choose someone you’re happy with to enjoy these benefits because an unhappy marriage can result in just the opposite for health benefits. The healthy process can reverse itself if you lose a spouse due to death or divorce or if the marriage turns bad.

Marital health benefits include not only a longer life but a healthier one. You’ll suffer less from illness and heart disease and stroke. Your immune system is stronger and you’re less likely to catch the flu bug or a cold. You spend less time in a hospital and if you are admitted you’ll recover faster.

Happy couples have less change of developing diabetes. This is probably the result of a good diet and plenty of rest and exercise. Alcoholism and smoking rates are lower too. This is attributed to receiving more understanding and support to correct the problem and also getting help with daily pressures.

Depression rates drop for happily married couples resulting from less stress and anxiety.
With less stress and anxiety you’re more alert and able to avoid accidents and injuries.
You’re less likely to feel lonely because you have someone to share problems with and seek solutions together. You no longer feel alone.

To obtain the maximum health benefits from marriage there are certain things you can do to help. Compliment each other and communicate. A family who talks out problems knocks out problems. Never make the spouse feel rejected or unimportant. They were the most important person in your life before marriage. Make sure than never changes.

Say I love you often and you’ll be healthier for it both emotionally and physically. Those three little words can work wonders toward making your spouse feel wanted and needed. Don’t just say the words but also show your love with thoughtful gestures such as love notes in the lunchbox or a soft touch on the arm as you walk past.

There is one drawback to a happy marriage: the husband and wife both tend to gain weight. This is a result of good food and being happy and content. Be aware of this and make sure your diet is healthy and exercise daily. It’s worth it to enjoy a happy healthful marriage.



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