Mother’s Day in the Philippines

Mother's Day is a time when people remember their moms for having given birth and raised them at the cost of great sacrifices. Majority of them had to give up career and business opportunities, advanced schooling and more comfortable lives to be able to nurture us to what we are now. This coming Mother's Day, will be another chance for us to express our gratitude.

In the Philippines, United States, Australia, Finland and a few other countries, Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May. In the United Kingdom, a similar event called Mothering Sunday is celebrated every fourth Sunday of the Lenten Season. For this year, they celebrated it on the first Sunday of March. With this year's Mother's day fast approaching, let us examine its concept and origins.

During the 1600's, England celebrated Mothering Sunday to honor all moms. It was celebrated by everyone by going back to their parent's homes to spend the day with their moms.

In the US, the concept of dedicating a day to honor mothers was first suggested by Julia Ward Howe intending to make it a day dedicated to peace. But the most successful effort was initiated by Ana Jarvis who initiated a campaign that eventually led to its celebration in the state of Philadelphia (1908) and eventually the entire country (1911). Today, many countries celebrate Mother's Day on dates other than UK's 4th Sunday of Lent and the Philippines' 2nd Sunday of May.

Whatever its history and evolution, Filipinos celebrate use the day to show their love and affection to what is culturally considered the most important figure in the family. In this country, reassuring moms that they are well appreciated need not cost anything. A personally made greeting card carry tons of affection that will give any mom the fulfillment of raising having raised a good family despite having to go through all the burdens.

Within the coming days, articles dedicated to Mother's day suggestions will be featured.

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