Marriage Therapy to Help Save Your Relationship

Marriage Therapy to Help Save Your Relationship

There are many reasons to seek therapy in an effort to save your marriage. From the time you say your wedding vows, and before, it seems the world is conspiring against you and your spouse.

Just a few of the problems most marriages encounter sooner or later include boredom, lack of communication, no sex, affection and even infidelity. Some marriages experience physical or verbal abuse or complain that the spouse shows no appreciation. And, yes, there is such a thing as midlife crises that can lead to problems, separation and even divorce. This unfortunately is just a short list.

Your background can make you a more likely candidate for therapy. You’re more likely to need therapy if you married at an early age. Young people tend to be impulsive about marriage and often do it as rebellion against their parents. Maturity helps you make more rational decisions about your mate.

Other situations that more often lead to the need for therapy are low income couples and those who are under educated. Money, or the lack thereof, is always a problem in marriage and low income families have difficulty in affording proper help or don’t know where to find it.

Interfaith marriages and couples who have divorced parents are also starting off with two strikes against them. But, therapy is especially helpful in these areas. Any one of these problems is reason enough to seek therapy and many marriages experience more than one.

It’s often too much to try and go it alone and help can be found in many ways and many places. Make sure the therapist or counselor you select is skilled in marital matters and can help you overcome marriage difficulties as a couple.

A good therapist should be focused on a solution with the ultimate goal of saving your marriage and avoiding divorce. Reaching a solution may require a different time frame depending on the type of problem but beware of those who keep you coming back too long with no end in sight. In this case, his goal may be only to solve his money problems.

Don’t wait too long to seek help. The longer you wait the more serious the problems can become. Too, the younger you are the more likely you are to see success. Older marriages often get too set in their ways to be flexible. Seek help while you’re still in love and open to change. Yes, you can be deeply in love with your spouse and still need guidance for a happy and successful marriage.

If lack of money or not wanting to share with strangers is keeping you from seeking assistance then search for help on line on the Internet. There are many qualified people who have written books on almost any problem you might have.

These are inexpensive and can be used in the privacy of your own home by you and your spouse. Studies show that therapy works and the success rate is high. But, it’s up to you to initiate the process.




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