Hybrid Dogs: Having the Best of Both Worlds


Having hybrid dogs, also called designer dogs, is one of the hottest trends among canine lovers nowadays. Those who are torn between two different but equally adorable dog breeds will have their issues resolved by getting a hybrid dog. The hybrids came to be known as designer dogs partly because Hollywood celebrities have joined in on the mixed breed craze. Some of the celebrity hybrid pooches strutting around the red carpet include Teddy, blogger Perez Hilton's goldendoodle, and Daisy, singer Jessica Simpson's Malti-poo.

So what's behind the huge demand for hybrid dogs? Here are some of the advantages of getting hybrid pooches instead of their purebred counterparts.

  • You can customize the mix of your dog. Before, breeders were only concerned about getting the best Doberman stud for their female Dobermans. Now, they can actually mix and match two different breeds to produce a new kind of dog. Mix a Pug with a Poodle and you'll get a Puggle. Combine a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier and you'll get a Malkie. And the list goes on.

  • Hybrid dogs are perfect for people with allergies. Since majority of the designer dog breeds are mixed with poodles, they tend to shed less hair than the purebreds. Lots of designer pooches are considered “hypoallergenic dogs.”

  • Genetic defects are lessened when it comes to hybrid dogs. The main motive between crossbreeding dogs is to reduce the hereditary problems from each breed and retain their appealing traits. Thus, hybrid dogs are said to be more healthy and amiable compared to purebreds.

Designer dogs also have its set of disadvantages. One, they are actually more expensive than purebreds, which is the reason why you usually see designer dogs in the arms of celebrities. Two, lots of hybrids tend to be unpredictable, given the mix of traits coming from two different breeds. But generally, hybrid dogs are considered good pets, and if you have the budget for it, then you should get your own adorable Puggle or Goldendoodle.

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