Marriage Test

Marriage Test

Are you ready for marriage? Most young couples (and older) never ask that question before committing the rest of their life to someone for better or worse. Of course, you always think the worse will never happen so it’s a moot point. Don’t count on it. About half of all marriages fail and most within the first five years.

Marriages can be filled with turmoil beginning as early as the honeymoon. After all, here are two diverse persons merging into one with different ideas about everything from sex to food. Sure you got to know each other somewhat during the courting period but there is more truth than fiction in the old saying that you never know a person until you marry them.

Maybe there should be a test to determine if your marriage will succeed or fail. Actually, there are many such tests and some declare a high percentage of accuracy. You can access these tests on line, get them in books or have them administered by a marriage counselor.

Questions vary and so do evaluations but taking a test, if you are honest and sincere, can at the very least give you an indication if you’re ready for a lifetime commitment. Taking the test may indicate answers to important questions on whether you believe marriage takes work or just happens naturally. Few marriages succeed on a daily “let’s see what happens” basis.

Taking on a spouse means that you’re grown up now and must behave like adults. Are you ready both emotionally and financially to survive on your own? Or, at the first sign of trouble would you ask your parents for help? A marriage that’s financially and emotionally secure is more likely to succeed.

Can you talk with your spouse? Do you have lots of give and take in the discussions or do they erupt in arguments? Strive to listen to your partner and be willing to change. Each partner expects the support of the other whether right or wrong. It’s a successful marriage that can accept change instead of demanding it. As you work together to solve problems, the bond grows stronger.

Do you share the same goals? It’s extremely important to know your partner’s dreams and ambitions. After the glow of the honeymoon has faded, your life will be built around future plans and dreams. If your philosophies differ, it will be difficult to pull in the same direction.

Some questions may seem trivial but are far from it. Do you think of your spouse when apart and do you anticipate seeing them? How often do you touch or kiss your spouse? Do you share the same work ethics and views on politics and religion? Taking a marriage test can give you a meaningful insight into what might be in store for your marriage. But, regardless of the tests’ results, the ultimate success is up to you.

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