Why Did Sex Scandals Become Popular?

Whether we like it or not, sex scandals have somehow become part of popular culture today. The never-ending interest of people in watching these videos have only intensified its presence even more. We have this secret (or not-so-secret) fascination with sex scandals, probably because it brings out the inner voyeur in all of us. We do feel sorry for these people whose reputations are destroyed because of indecent exposure, but this does not stop us from watching sex scandals at all, especially when we remember that some reputations were made because they “accidentally” released their sex videos (think Paris Hilton).

Other main reasons why sex scandals have become popular are the following:

  • Video technology is just too accessible today

Gone are the days when you need to have a bulky, expensive video camera in order to capture any videos. Today, just about anyone and his brother can shoot videos using their camera phones. It does not help that camera phones are getting better and better especially in terms of resolution. You can take pictures and videos anytime, anywhere.

  • People have become more adventurous when it comes to their sex lives

Years ago, only porn stars would allow themselves to be videotaped while doing sexual acts. Now there are lots of people, especially the younger ones, who are willing to exercise their exhibitionist tendencies. You only have to look at the pictures posted by these people in their social network accounts – they have no qualms about doing provocative poses while wearing teeny-tiny underwear, or nothing at all. Like it or not, exposing themselves to the public or few selected people can be a turn-on, and nothing beats a live sex act when it comes to exposure.

  • Some people are just too careless

A lot of sex scandals surfaced because someone forgot to delete compromising pictures and videos from his phone or computer before having it repaired in service centers. The thing is, you really can’t trust anyone. This is true especially when you are a celebrity leaving your mobile phone or laptop for repairs. The temptation to copy and spread your juicy pictures and videos is just too strong to resist, especially when you think that other people can actually profit from it.

  • Some people have no sense of discretion

It’s one thing to videotape yourself and your partner having sex but it’s another thing when you spread it for the whole damn world to see. There are people who like to watch and there are some who like to be watched. Unfortunately, there are some who would let other people see the videos without the knowledge of the other sex partner. What’s even worse is that they would actually share the videos by sending it via Bluetooth or MMS to other people’s phones. Like I said, you really can’t trust anyone.

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