How to Buy an Engagement Ring

So you think that buying an engagement ring is just going to any store that sells diamond rings and plunking down wads of cold, hard cash? It's not as simple as that. Asking your woman to marry you is serious business, whether or not you're certain that she'll say yes. Every girl dreams of the perfect marriage proposal, and this involves you flashing a gorgeous, diamond ring that will send her tear ducts to overdrive.

Knowing how to buy the perfect engagement ring for her will definitely help lessen the pre-proposal jitters. Here's what you should do:

  • Know your four C's

Most men are blissfully unaware of what they should look for when it comes to purchasing diamonds. Take a crash course on the four C's – cut, carat, clarity and color. You think that all diamonds look the same, but you're dead wrong. So far, the most popular cut among brides is the princess cut. The carat of the ring will largely depend on your budget, because the higher the carat, the more expensive it would be. Ask a reputable jeweler on how to choose the right diamond for your budget.

  • Choose a jeweler

You may have to ask around for this one, especially if you are completely clueless about jewelry. You can ask your mom where to shop for quality diamonds, if you don't object to her knowing that you're going to propose anytime soon. Or you can ask your married buddies where they scored their engagement rings.

  • Decide whether to buy the ring alone or with her

Ideally, it's best to purchase the ring on your own to keep the surprise element, but lots of couples nowadays shop for the ring together. This is practical for those who already know that they will be getting married soon, and have no need for surprise marriage proposals. This way, the couple can make sure that the ring is her taste, and fits her finger perfectly.

  • Decide on how to pay for the rock

There is no doubt that diamond rings are very expensive, and not every man can afford to pay for it with cash. Good for you if you're one of the lucky ones with unlimited cash supply, but if not, you may consider other payment options. The good news is, most jewelry stores accept credit cards for purchases, so that takes care of the problem. Just make sure to pay for it later on.

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