Beware: Kids can have 45 year old adults’ arteries!


If you think tolerating salty and fatty diet for children is fine, you are dead wrong. In a study made in 10-year-old kids, a great number were found to have arterial walls as thick and as clogged like that of 45 year olds.

Growing up, I initially did not want to eat fat but my old folks said that it was just fine. They reasoned that I was just a kid and it is only when I have grown older when I really have to watch my diet. I also heard many other parents wanting their kids to become bubbly and even heavy, reasoning that those “baby fats” will simply disappear come adulthood. The harsh reality however, is that while weight and even looks may improve over time, cholesterol hardly disappears. It builds up in the body's arterial walls and hardens like plaque. It causes arterial blockage, increase a body's blood pressure, and can lead to stroke.

Very recently, cholesterol lowering drugs were introduced and there is at least one test that showed signs that some of those meds also resulted to reverse plaque buildup. While there now exist some hope of remedy, it would be wise to train kids not to develop a taste for unhealthy food. Until now, 90% of my all time favorite foods remain to be comprised of the unhealthiest dishes ever known to man. Parents beware, once kids have developed an appetite for bad food, it will almost be impossible to reverse it. Have you ever eliminated your bad habits? Unhealthy diet is one bad habit that is close to impossible to break. Amen!

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