This pear-shaped volcanic island in the northern coast of Mindanao is a land of unspoiled beauty. Unlike the popular beach destinations in the Philippines, Camiguin is not yet destroyed by real estate developments that dominate practically every beautiful spot in the country. Everything in Camiguin seems virginal and pristine. The island is widely regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful.

Surrounded by Bohol Sea, Macalajar Bay, Gingoog Bay and Butuan Bay, the province has seven volcanoes within its territory. Among them are the still active Mt. Hibok-Hibok, Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Mambajao. The volcanic eruptions shaped the history of the province and formed Camiguin’s mystical beauty.

This spectacular island is a secluded paradise made of lush forests, white sand beaches, natural springs, waterfalls, majestic mountains and diverse marine life. Going to Camiguin is the perfect therapy for those who long to take a break from their harried, polluted lives. Here in Camiguin, each day is a serene, refreshing experience.

Camiguin has several attractions which never fail to enchant tourists. The most famous perhaps is the White Island, a sandbar located two kilometers off the Agoho coast in Mambajao. The long stretch of fine, white sand, which is said to rival those in Boracay’s, is totally devoid of trees. This gives tourists an unhampered view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Mt. Vulcan. The sandbar is in the middle of the sparkling blue ocean, so from a distance, it looks like a stretch of white floating in the water.

Another must-see is the Sunken Cemetery. It is a large cross built on solidified lava in the middle of the water to commemorate those who died on the numerous eruptions of Mt. Vulcan. The Sunken Cemetery has also become a great diving and snorkeling site.

You can reach Camiguin by taking a plane to Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental. From there, you can take a bus ride, or hire a van for a two-hour trip to the port of Balingoan. Then from Balingoan, you will take a ferry which will take you to the island.

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