Jealousy The Destroyer of Marriages

Jealousy is that green eyed monster that’s hiding in the deep recesses of an insecure mind and once it gets loose it’s hard to control. Jealousy has destroyed many marriages and those that survived went through a period of anger and resentment. When a spouse is jealous, he can make the other spouse miserable as well as making friends and family uncomfortable.

Jealousy is an emotion that’s within you. It’s within us all but most of us control this emotion with trust and respect. Heaven help the person when jealousy gets the upper hand.

Usually, there’s no cause for jealousy and the emotion surfaces because you have no trust in yourself. You have feelings of insecurity and inadequacy and don’t believe anyone could possibly be satisfied with only you.

People who suffer from jealousy are also typically selfish. They’re only concerned about themselves and what can be done for them. They view their spouse’s attention to someone or something else as a sign of not caring for them. A selfish and jealous person doubts they themselves could the trusted if the temptation arises and that doubt is demonstrated with distrust and jealousy.

The issue of trust can arise daily as we go about our everyday routine. We’re away from each other and come in contact with others. This is viewed by a jealous person as an opportunity for a spouse to stray and they do everything possible to prevent that.

A few jealousy possessed persons resort to following their spouse and even threaten them in front of others. It’s an embarrassing situation that’s followed by a barrage of questions on what actually transpired during the encounter.

Has your spouse ever cheated on you and given you reason not to trust them? Truth be known, probably nothing is going on to merit your distrust. If your marriage is to survive, you must develop the virtue of trust. Show you love them enough to trust them. Trust, like jealousy, is an emotion that’s within you. Which emotion you use is up to you.

Jealousy leads to possessiveness. The only way you possess anything is to give it freedom. This is true with animals as it is with humans. It’s especially true in marriage. If someone is going to cheat in a marriage, they’re more likely to do so in one that’s not happy. Trust someone and they’ll respect you. It’s not likely they’ll do anything to hurt someone they respect and love.

Seek the truth and believe the truth being told to you. If you discover later that you were right in your suspicions, then you’re no worse off. A person who desecrates the vows of marriage by straying is never truly happy within themselves. You, by being trusting and faithful are experiencing a happy and joyful marriage. Find comfort in knowing your worst suspicions are rarely realized.

Jealousy is a strong emotion that’s sometime impossible to control. If this is the case, seek help from family and friends. This is often not enough and professional help is required. Believe in yourself and defy that monster to show its ugly green eyes.

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