How to Have a Good Marriage

We’ve all heard the phrase that a good man is hard to find. It may also ring true for a good marriage. At least one out of every two marriages will end in divorce and many of those that remain are filled with unhappiness. You say to yourself, that isn’t going to happen to me. My marriage will be perfect and happy.

Early on, you may feel as though there will never be any problems in your marriage. Passion is high and many problems thus far have been resolved in the bedroom. That unfortunately will change and you’ll float back down to earth and be faced with planting both feet firmly on the ground. You won’t agree on every issue but be willing to listen to each other and embrace their points of view.

Reality has a strange way of becoming…well, reality. You think you’ll always be filled with love and respect for each other and there will never be money problems, health issues and yes, even temptations. This is all part of life, love and marriage and successfully dealing with these problems can lead you to a life of fulfillment.

How do you define a happy marriage? What’s good and happy for one marriage may be misery for another. Look around at your parents’ and your friends’ marriage and see if they appear happy to you. Would you settle for a marriage like theirs? It’s good to talk to others and find out what’s good and bad in their marriage.

All marriages will one day experience disappointments, set-backs and even failure. It’s up to you and your partner to meet these problems head-on, confront them and resolve them together. A broken heart is twice as strong when mended with the heart of the one you love.

No matter what happens, be willing to fix it. There is no set back you can’t recover from if you tackle it together. Cope with challenges as they occur and know that tomorrow will be better. No matter how dark the day, the sun will be shining soon and you will be stronger and better prepared for the next challenge.

Good marriages thrive on time spent together. This is not easy as both of you may work and if there are children, they are foremost in your life. But, you must find time to share your life and your needs.

Love is the foundation of all marriages but it takes more. Understanding and acceptance are two unavoidable qualities in a successful marriage. It’s not easy to understand someone who only a short while ago may have been a stranger. Now you’re married and you must accept each other, good faults and bad. Be willing to forgive and you too will receive forgiveness.

No partner is perfect in every way. Neither are you. They may seem that way in the beginning and so it should. Love your partner and know that perfection in your eyes and heart is all that matters.



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