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Every time I bump into the guy, I see a relaxed and contented being. He emits the aura of a person at peace with the world. Little did I know that he used to suffer from extreme anxiety that made him afraid to step outside his house and be seen by anyone. He's was prescribed medications and various therapies but all of it didn't work. And so he remained trapped within the corners of his room for a long time until he was able to finally overcome his problems.

Today, far from the person afraid of meeting people, Mark Kravitz happily welcomes every chance to meet with new acquaintances. In fact, he teaches people how to deal with life's daily problems. From a scared individual, he has become a master. Mark Kravitz had become a lifestyle counselor (coach).

This coming May 8 & May 15, 2008, at the Music Museum, he is going to share the secrets that made him overcome his anxiety problems and teach people how to effectively manage themselves and their time. The seminar is entitled “Principles of Life to live by for a Healthier Mind & Body …”

Tickets are available at all Converse retail outlets, Ticket World, and the Music Museum. Reservations can be made at Philippines, Tel.: 63-2-409-3153 Mobile: 63-928-988-5244.

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