Metro Manila

Population and Land Mass

Formally referred to as the National Capital Region (NCR), Metro Manila is one of the most populous areas in the world. Its population of 13 million is scattered across an area of 636 square kilometers and governed by Manila local government units consisting of 16 cities and one municipal government.


In terms of economic activity, Metro Manila contributes 32% of the country's GDP and is considered as one of the richest urban urban agglomeration in the world. By 2020 its GDP is expected to reach $257 billion with an annual growth rate of 5.9%.

In terms of wealth, Metro Manila's banks hold approximately 66% of the country's deposits. Doing business in Metro Manila is therefore a temptation to every wannabee entrepreneur, especially if the intended business intends to target the individual consumers. There's nothing more tempting to make money where the money is.

City Directory

Consumers on the other hand, can find almost anything that country has to offer within the metropolis. All they need is skillful navigation of Metro Manila's registered businesses. In this site, Metro Manila’s prime business establishments will be listed and presented and reviewed in Metro Manila’s Consumer Forum to give the consumers ease in choosing the appropriate vendor.

Environmental Protection

The Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) has spearheaded some urban greening projects and the effect has started to become noticeable in some areas. Vehicle emission has declined with the popularization of LPG powered taxicabs that also benefited cab drivers due to lower fuel costs that resulted from it. At the present (2008), electric powered jeeps (E-Jeepneys) for mass transport are running on experimental basis and should it become successful, the effect will be greatly felt. LPG powered buses are also about to start operating in the Metropolis and neighboring provinces. Other projects about to start are solar powered jeepneys in the City of Marikina and hopefully, electric powered tricycles that are similar to the ones now being used in the island province of Palawan. Hopefully, LPG powered tricycles like the ones being tried in Lucena will also be successful in Metro Manila.


The country has a number of sports heroes. The biggest name of the present crop is Manny Pacquiao who has the distinction of having won world boxing championships in 4 weight categories. On June 28, 2008, A Pacquiao-Diaz Pacquiao demolished Mexican David Diaz to annex the world championship in the lightweight category. Soon after, he defeated the legendary Oscar De la Hoya in a one sided match that made him the envy of all other boxers.

Pacquiao is currently the undisputed best pound for pound boxer in the world.

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