Coming Soon: LPG Buses in Metro Manila

The people's dream of clean air and lesser emission and zero noise are slowly coming into reality. It started with Metro Manila taxi's use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Palawan's introduction of electric powered tricycles and now, LPG powered buses in Metro Manila.

The first four environmentally powered buses will cover the Fairview C-5 route and if successful, a total of 200 buses will be soon be running in Metro Manila, San Pedro, Biñan and Sta. Rosa in Laguna. This should be good news for everyone as environmentalists have been warning of the dire effects of global warming for quite some time. With the world's level of emission having reached alarming levels, changes in the weather patterns are being observed. Environmental activists that include former US vice President Al Gore warn that should the world fail to reverse the present trend, the consequences to the entire planet will be dire.

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