UPDATED: Cebu Hospital Scandal Receives International Attention

* Black Suede Scandal-Involved doctors and nurses named
*Cebu Hospital Scandal

-Another scandal comes into the picture

As soon as the international media picked the Cebu hospital scandal (also known as Black Suede scandal), the number of youtube views of the video dramatically increased. A search for the video on youtube.com, using the keywords “Cebu Hospital scandal” came out with a handful of related videos that were viewed more than 200,000 times.

The actual number of actual views can easily reach a few millions, since the youtube clips presently online are at most, only a couple of days old. One youtube clip alone has been viewed more than 40,000 times within two days. According to blog posts, the original video was taken out and it seems that every version of that offensive clip is being removed, probably due to complaints being received by the video sharing site. It is also expected that every related clip uploaded will immediately be removed only to be re uploaded again and again. In addition, a Google search for both keywords shows more than 130,000 web pages talking about the issue with a good number calling for sanctions against the people responsible if not the hospital itself.

The so called Cebu hospital or Black Suede Scandal is about an incident that happened during last New Year 's Eve. The victim of such incident reportedly admitted to having paid for homosexual sex which was consummated in his house. Drunken remarks after the bout was said to have personally insulted the sex worker and made him insert a can of Avon Black Suede body spray into the drunken victim. Three days after, the victim underwent a rectal operation for the removal of the foreign object. The victim reportedly remembered being wheeled inside a crowded operating room and continuously complained until he passed out that it felt like he is inside the municipal wet market.

A few weeks after his hospital release, videos of the procedure became a hit in youtube. The clip showed an operating room filled with loud laughter, jeers and comments that the victim and most viewers found malicious at the very least. A number of mobile phone cameras were also seen taking videos with at least one being positioned very close to the victim's rectum for close up images. In an interview, the hospital director declared having ordered an investigation even before receiving a complaint. What is unusual however is the length of time that it took them to finish or release the probe's result. A few days ago, news agencies reported that three doctors and one nurse are being recommended for sanctions. At this point, no punishment is being administered, with the hospital claiming that it is powerless to impose sanctions.

This writer joins the masses in calling for tougher punitive measures against the offending individuals believed to be in excess of four. Taking advantage of a helpless and unconscious individual is unethical at the very least. And when committed by those vested with high authority, is magnified to much greater magnitude.

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