Wazzup Manila? Environmentally Sound Mass Transport!!!


Where there is diversity, there is opportunity.

The old saying seems to have never been true at any time compared to the present.

The seemingly unending oil price increases is actually nothing new. The world has been confronted by this several times in the past but it seems that the entire planet is now starting to do something about it. In Japan, Honda is set to unveil a Hydrogen fueled vehicle. In India, Tata's economy car (Nano) successfully hit the world's 2nd most populous country, among other things. In the US, hybrid vehicles are very hot. In the Philippines, there are a number of things that will hopefully come to fruition very soon.
We have previously reported that the City of Makati has started an experiment with an electric powered mass transport vehicle called the E-jeepney.

Route of the e-Jeepney:

On July 3, 2007, four e-jeepneys started operating within the posh residential village Bel-Air. Come June 1, 2008, two more units will be experimenting on a wider area and should that become successful, Fifty (50) more units will be deployed. The additional E-Jeepneys will be plying the busy commercial areas of Salcedo and Legazpi Villages

In Salcedo Village — from Dela Costa St. turn right to Makati Ave., right to Paseo De Roxas, right to Villar St., left to Leviste St, left to Rufino St., right to Ayala Ave. and right to Dela Costa St.

In Legazpi Village — from Salcedo St. turn right to VA Rufino St., left to Adelantado St., left to Gamboa St., left to Salcedo St., left to Benavidez St., left to Paseo De Roxas Ave., right to Legazpi St., left to Dela Rosa St., and left to Salcedo St.

In other areas, we have also posted about the massive conversion of taxicabs from gasoline to LPG fuel consuming vehicles. Some Metro Manila is also set to start using LPG powered buses and solar powered jeeps within the next few days. In the island province of Palawan, electric powered tricycles are making waves.

It has been established that LPG and electric powered vehicles consume far less fuel than the oil fueled automobiles. These developments do not only serve as a remedial measure against the unending oil price increases but also, it helps a lot in reducing vehicle emissions which is contributing so much to the air pollution in the country. The electric powered vehicles also provide an additional benefit in the form of zero noise. In Metro Manila, that will be well appreciated.

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