Imagine This Much Cigarette Essence in Your Lungs (Video)

We all know that there's tar in the cigarettes that we smoke. We also know that tar is the substance that causes cancer. What we do not know is how much tar a cigarette really contains.

The video that follows show how much tar goes into smokers lungs. If a person smokes a stick per day, the amount of tar that he should have ingested will be equal to about a fistful of dark,

sticky and hardened paste. It looks like burnt asphalt to me. Tar is a sticky black liquid that hardens after a while. I am not sure about the validity of the the entire claim of this video but let us put it here in order for us to have something to ponder over the coming days.

The video shows a mechanical contraption that simulates a smoker puffing 400 cigarettes. The inhaled smoke was water filtered and extracted by boiling it in a pan. The water was boiled until it has completed evaporated. The substance that remained is the extracted tar- black and lethal poison. You wouldn't want this stuck into your lungs. Trust me!

Still Smoking? Watch This !! – video powered by Metacafe

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