Caloocan City

Caloocan City (also spelled Kalookan) is part of the National Capital Region (Metro Manila) Philippines. Caloocan is divided into two non bordering areas North Caloocan 39.709 sq. km and South Caloocan 13.625 sq. km total land area 53.334 sq km.

Located in northwestern Metro Manila. North Caloocan is east of Valenzuela City, north of Quezon City, and south of the province of Bulacan. South Caloocan is immediately north of the City of Manila and is bordered by Malabon City and Valenzuela City to the north and west, Navotas to the west, and Quezon City to the east

The word caloocan is derived from the Tagalog root word lo-ok; kalook-lookan (or kaloob-looban) means “innermost area”.

Caloocan was declared a city in February 16, 1962 through House Bill 6038. Barangays188. Incorporated (town) 1815.

The estimated 2008 population is 1,499,069.

Caloocan Universities:

– University of Caloocan City (formerly Caloocan City Polytechnic College).
University of the East – Caloocan
– World Citi Colleges (formerly known as Holy Trinity School)
Manila Central University

Caloocan city hall is found on A. Mabini Avenue.

Current City Officials:

MAYOR: Enrico “Recom” Echiverri
VICE MAYOR: Luis “Tito” Varela


* Hon. Nora Z. Nubla
* Hon. Melinda M. Mabagos
* Hon. Gualberto B. Bacolod
* Hon. Dante P. Prado
* Hon. Susana D.G. Punzalan
* Hon. Ramon Te
* Hon. Ernesto Cuananan


* Hon. Macario E. Asistio III
* Hon. Marjorie Barreto
* Hon. Alexander N. Aruelo
* Hon. Ma. Milagros S. Mercado
* Hon. Luis Chito Abel
* Hon. Ricojudge Janvier M. Echiverri
* Hon. Divine M. Gatpandan

DISTRICT 1 CONGRESSMAN: Cong. Oscar “Oca” Mlapitan
DISTRICT 2 CONGRESSMAN: Cong. Mary Mitzi Cajayon

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