Updated List of Absolutely Free Internet (WiFi) Hotspots in Metro Manila

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Searching the net for a list of free WiFi hotspots in Metro Manila can be a bit frustrating. A number of establishments that were previously listed to offer free WiFi services now cease to do so and there are those that now charge an arm and 2 legs for WiFi access.

This is WazzupManila’s List of Free WiFi hotspots in Metro Manila, as compiled by our Manila forum members. We update the list regularly and should you have any correction or addition to the list, please feel free to post a comment in this page or in our forum.


1. Manila Penn Lobby
2. Powerplant Mall
3. Shell Magallanes
4. Bel-Air Village, Brgy. Park (WiGo)
5. LKG Tower Food Odyssey (WiGo)
6. PBCOM Tower – Food Patio, Ayala Ave. (WiGo)
7. Power Plant Mall (WiGo)

    – Block 9
    – P1 – Concourse Level
    – R1 – Level 1
    – R2 – Level 2
    – R3 – Level 3

8. Shakey’s Rada – Jaycem Bldg (WiGo)
9. Enterprise Center – Food Park (WiGo)
10. Burger King – All Branches – by: Analog_Soul, 24 July 2008
11. Shell Station, Magallanes – by: Analog_Soul, 24 July 2008
12. Greenbelt:

    – Spicy Fingers, G/F Greenbelt 2

13. Krispy Kreme: Ayala
14. Pizza Hut Ayala.
15. Entire Rada St., Legaspi Village (WiGo)- by: Analog_Soul, 20 October 2008
16. San Francisco Coffee, Rufino Tower- by: Analog_Soul, 05 November 2008

1. Pier One
2. Gloria Jeans – by: Gwaps, 30 July 2008
3. Krispy Kreme: Bonifacio High Street

1. Robinsons Pioneer, EDSA
2. SM Megamall, Cyberzone Area
– Krispy Kreme

1. Robinson’s Galleria, multiple locations

    – Krispy Kreme

2. Pier One, Tomas Morato
3. Placemat Pinoy Cafe, Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Castor
4. Pizza Hut, E Rodriguez (in front of ST. Lukes Hospital)
5. Gateway Mall – by: Analog_Soul, 24 July 2008
6. Starbucks, White Plains – by: CarloGwapo, 24 July 2008

1. Tiendesitas – by:cat, 24 July 2008

1. Total Gas Station, Cafe & Convenience Store by: Sylar, 28 July 2008

1. Pura Vida Hotel – by: :cat, 24 July 2008

26 thoughts on “Updated List of Absolutely Free Internet (WiFi) Hotspots in Metro Manila

  1. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for the tip. McDonald’s in the entire UK is supposed to be offering free wifi now.

    As for Tiendesitas, they have free wifi in the food area, I have enjoyed it time and time again. The only problem with place is that they don’t have outlets for your power cords.

  2. Eastwood City
    -Outside Excelsior… I think the signal came from Mocha Blends. I was eating at TsokoNot(Besides Subway). I got 80% clear signal.

    Starbucks (Citiwalk 2)… The last time I check its not free.

    Question: yung Starbucks dito sa may White Plains is this the same Starbucks sa Corithians?

  3. Hi Marty,

    Mocha Blends’s WiFi is free but you’ll have to get the password from the cafe staff. I will add that in the list since it’s free anyway.

    Will verify the one in Citiwalk,

    Starbucks White Plains and Corinthians are the same.

    Thanks for your contributions and please drop by often.


  4. hi,

    would you know a free wifi hotspot in greenhills? (i know there’s a free wifi service in krispy kreme but for some reason I couldn’t access it :'(

  5. Hi Denise,

    I will check it out and get back to you. Regarding connection problems with Krispy Kreme, just ask the personnel there to help you. It happened to me a few times and they took care of my problem.


  6. Just adding to the list:

    Market Market fort Bonifacio Global city (location near Mini Stop) – The signal is free from GLOBE (when you scan for the signal just look for GLOBE)

    Note: they also endorse this one which they provide stainless laptop desk stand where you can put your laptop and surf the net but not AC wall jack available for charging so be sure that your laptop is fully charged up

  7. Maynila

    libreng Wifi


    Dapitan St. cor Asturias St., Sampaloc, Maynila, Metro Manila 1015
    Tapat ng UST (likod, hindi along España).

  8. Starbucks coffee shops almost all outlets charges wifi access even when there is a free wifi hotspot available in the area they even block the free access so you’ll be forced to buy from them.

    Figaro also practice the same scheme. unattractive policy for these stablishment

    Some Malls announces free wifi facilities in their malls but its always down anyway… misleading ad

  9. You can try at blenz coffee megamall located at the atrium 2nd Floor, just buy a 100 peso amount of drinks and you can surf unlimited.

  10. There’s free wifi at this new place that just opened on Valero Street. It’s called LE BISTRO.

    Valero St. corner HV Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village
    (beside Fraser Place Residences, where Capone’s used to be)

  11. Hey,
    Great page,this list is very useful. I don’t have any spots to add,but know many libraries/schools/colleges/universities have hotspots which possibly should be mentioned.
    What I wanted to add was, how important a connected article would be regarding protecting your laptop/smartphone etc from maleware,viruses,or hackers while using free wifi hotspots!! Many people have no idea how to encrypt their data while checking email/bank info, or engage security features to block eavesdropping. Some methods are very simple & require no more effort than keeping your shoelaces tied,while others demand downloading free programs which assist you in more complex matters. Logging into a free network also opens you up to any maleware/spyware/viruses on other machines within that network which are programmed to spread throughout the network.The business providing the free wifi may very well be completely unaware of any dangers.
    I love the ubiquitous nature of wifi hotspots in Metro Manila,but am often uneasy about what info of mine is being observed or stolen. Using several CyberCafe’s has resulted in catching viruses that are cloud based rather than equipment based. Perhaps you could help expand awareness to those using your site?
    Have a great day to all.

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