Melamine (Melanine) Milk Scandal Updates

Here is a summary of advisories issued by the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) regarding the current scandal imported milk from China. Updates to this issue that are related to the Philippines will be posted here. Please bookmark this page.

The following brands were found to be contaminated with the banned substance Melamine:

  1. LOTTE B + W KOALA Biscuit (October 21 2008)
  2. LOTTE Chocolate Snack KOALA Biscuit (October 21 2008)
  3. LOTTE Strwaberry Snack KOALA Biscuit (October 21 2008)
  4. Jolly Cow Slender High Calcium Low Fat Milk (October 07, 2008)
  • Greenwood Yili Fresh Milk (In Chinese Characters)
  • Mengniu Drink (In Chinese Characters)
  • As advised by the Philippine Embassy in Beijing, Melamine was detected in the following brands of infant formula (milk powder):

    Sanlu (Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Inc.); Panda Baby (Shanghai Panda Dairy Co. Ltd.); Syrutra (Syrutra International Inc.); Gucheng (Shanxi Gucheng Dairy Co. Ltd.); Hero (Jiangxi Bright & Hero Dairy C); Huimin/HMDP (Baoji Huimin Milk Co. Ltd.); Mengniu (Mengniu Dairy); Kocci (Duojiaduo Dairy Industry Tianjin Co. Ltd.); Yaahili (Guangdong Yashili Group Co. Ltd.); Nanshan Beiyi (Hunan Peiyi Dairy Co.); Heilongjiang Qining Dairy Co.); Yashili (Shanxi Yashili Dairy Co.); Jinbishi (Shenzhen Jinbishi Milk Co. Ltd.); Scient (Guangzhou Shien Dairy Co.); Jinding (Guangzhou Jinding Dairy Co.); Yili (Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co.); Ausmeadow (Ausmeadow Nutriment Co. Ltd.); Suncare (Aikeding, Qingdao Suncare Nutritional Technology Co. Ltd.); Yubao (Xi’an Baiyue Dairy Co. Ltd.); Leilei (Yantai Leilei Dairy Products Co. Ltd.); Baoanli (Shanghai Bao’anli Dairy Co. Ltd.) and Hikid (Fuding Chenguan Dairy Co. Ltd.)

    In an Advisory dated 22 September 2008, the BFAD informed the public that there is no brand of Infant formula from China that is registered in the Philippines. The BFAD therefore cautions the public from buying any infant formula from China. Any Infant formula from China that is in the Philippines may have been brought in through unauthorized means and may contain banned substances.

    Note: Commonly misspelled as Melanine, the banned product is actually “Melamine”

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