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Boxing Weight Classes

Boxing Weight Classes


With so many people suddenly becoming interested every time big bouts are in the offing, here is a guide on the various boxing weight classes / divisions as defined by the different boxing associations.The table below applies only to male professional boxers. The amateur bodies define their own weight divisions and the female professional boxing associations use a different (though similar) system.

Above 200 lb (90.72 kg) Heavyweight
200 lb (90.72 kg) Cruiserweight Cruiserweight
175 lb (79.4 kg) Light heavyweight
168 lb (76.2 kg) Super middleweight
160 lb (72.6 kg) Middleweight
154 lb (69.9 kg) Super welterweight Super welterweight Junior middleweight
147 lb (66.7 kg) Welterweight
140 lb (63.5 kg) Super lightweight Super lightweight Junior welterweight
135 lb (61.2 kg) Lightweight
130 lb (59.0 kg) Super featherweight Super featherweight Junior lightweight
126 lb (57.2 kg) Featherweight
122 lb (55.3 kg) Super bantamweight Super bantamweight Junior featherweight
118 lb (53.5 kg) Bantamweight
115 lb (52.2 kg) Super flyweight Super flyweight Junior bantamweight
112 lb (50.8 kg) Flyweight
108 lb (49.0 kg) Light flyweight Light flyweight Junior flyweight
105 lb (47.6 kg) Minimumweight Strawweight Mini flyweight

Above 200 lb (90.72 kg)
200 lb (90.72 kg) Junior heavyweight Cruiserweight
175 lb (79.4 kg)
168 lb (76.2 kg)
160 lb (72.6 kg)
154 lb (69.9 kg) Junior middleweight Light middleweight
147 lb (66.7 kg)
140 lb (63.5 kg) Junior welterweight Light welterweight
135 lb (61.2 kg)
130 lb (59.0 kg) Junior lightweight Super featherweight
126 lb (57.2 kg)
122 lb (55.3 kg) Junior featherweight Super bantamweight
118 lb (53.5 kg)
115 lb (52.2 kg) Junior bantamweight Super flyweight
112 lb (50.8 kg)
108 lb (49.0 kg) Junior flyweight Light flyweight
105 lb (47.6 kg) Mini flyweight Minimumweight



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