Jennifer Aniston Blasts Scrutiny on Her Private Life

It must be very hard to be compared to Angelina Jolie, especially if you happen to be the ex-wife of Brad Pitt.

Life is not so easy for Jennifer Aniston nowadays, with the media on her tails, scrutinizing every action she makes. Everything she does is media fodder, from her magazine covers to her alleged relationship with singer John Mayer. Tabloids have played endless with her “poor, lonely Jen” image. It doesn’t help that her ex, Brad Pitt, is sharing his charmed life with Angelina Jolie together with their kids, both adopted and biological.

Aniston has had enough of the media treatment. During an interview with USA Today, Aniston revealed that she doesn’t understand why the public cares so much about her private life. She also criticized Vogue magazine for supposedly taking her comments out of context, and was disappointed that the magazine has gone the tabloid route. The December issue of Vogue featured Aniston on the cover, where she reportedly said things against Jolie during an interview.

The Friends star’s love life is a constant material for the press nowadays, as they chronicle her and Mayer’s relationship non-stop. There were talks several months ago that the couple is engaged to be married this year, and magazines feasted on the rumor. The news turned out to be false, but it only fueled the press on their pursuit even more, as they churned out headline after headline of Aniston’s supposed desperation to get married to Mayer and have his kids.

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