Marriage Advice for Women

As the old song goes, “Thank heaven for little girls, they grow up is such a delightful way.” And, when they grow up (and even before) they’re oh so different from men. Thank Heaven for the difference. It’s the difference that leads to marriage and also the difference that leads to marriage problems.

The sooner a bride realizes her husband doesn’t think or act like she does the sooner she’ll be on the way to a happy and long lasting marriage. As a woman you probably think life could be so simple if he would just see things your way. But, you must strive to see things from his point of view as well because he probably thinks the same thing.

Men need their space but at the same time they need and even crave your attention. It’s a fine line between providing a man his space and giving him attention. You give too much attention and he claims you’re smothering him. You give him too little and you’re accused of lack of interest. It’s a wise woman indeed who can tell the difference.

Marriage is full of stress and things that have to be done. Managing a home and a husband should qualify you for any job you want. You both may work and that leaves less time for each other by the time housework is done and bills are paid. It you have children, it’s even harder.

Some men don’t handle stress well and this can be misinterpreted as lack of interest in the wife. This is not necessarily so. Don’t be shy in putting your cards on the table. You must communicate if problems are to be resolved. If you’re seriously concerned about where your marriage is going, nip it in the bud by determining when the downslide began.

Has your lifestyle changed? Ask yourself if you drifted apart soon after the children came or you began volunteering three nights a week. Are you going out with the girls too much or having them over and invading his privacy? Don’t make the mistake of comparing him with your friend’s husbands. Your husband may be humble but he likes to feel like the king of his castle.

One of women’s main complaints is that the husband is not romantic anymore. Signs that this is a problem in the making are shorter conversations and only about things that must be discussed.

He refuses to talk about dreams or long range plans. If he doesn’t call you on the phone like he used to, watch out. When the flirting is gone and the kisses get more perfunctory it’s time to take action.

Don’t allow your husband’s lack of interest in intimacy to grow. It could mean there is someone else but it could also mean that he thinks you no longer find him desirable. Most men love it when the wife is at times aggressive and becomes his lover instead of his wife.

Never forget how deeply you love your husband even if he’s asked for a divorce. It’s never too late to salvage a relationship. He can’t read your mind so tell him how you feel how much you love and need him. It may be just what he’s waiting to hear.

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