Surviving the Food & Fuel Crisis

The news headlines during the past several weeks all highlighted the food crisis with an emphasis on the rice shortage and the unending surge in the price of petroleum. Everyone seems to be in agreement that both issues are expected to remain in the limelight within the next couple of years. If that is the case, it can only mean one thing to all of us—price increases!

Since most estimate that the rise in their household incomes will not be big enough to match the inflation rate, it is imperative that people should reduce their expenses in order to survive this crisis. There are many ways. For example, gas consumption may be reduced by eliminating unnecessary trips, like having both husband and wife drive to work in separate cars. For more gas savers, visit this article.

Do you have kids who makes you buy items that not in your shopping list? How much extra do you spend on every trip to the mall or grocery store? Make a tally and you will realize that the amount can buy you a few more kilos of rice or a few full tanks of gas. Leave them home. Here is a list of shopping tips.

Within the next few days, we are going to post more practical tips that will help people in this time of economic difficulty.

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