Ziploc Bags: Making Marinating a Lot Easier

Marinating chicken seems easy enough. You just cut the whole chicken into small pieces, soak them in a bowl full of seasonings and let chill in the fridge overnight. But what if you have to marinate the whole chicken without actually cutting it into pieces? The process can be quite tricky, since you have to make sure that every crevice of the chicken will be covered with flavoring. You will end up using a big, box container and use a lot of extra seasoning to soak the whole bird. Imagine the waste of sauce and fridge space just to marinate a whole chicken.

Ziploc bags have become heaven-sent to a lot of savvy cooks when it comes to marinating large pieces of meat. Ziploc is a brand of resealable storage bags that was first developed by Dow Chemical Company. Currently produced by Pepsi Co., these plastic bags are expandible and totally leak-proof once they are sealed. The good thing is that Ziploc bags are reusable. Just wash thoroughly with soap and warm water and they can be stored easily for future use.

Marinating whole chicken is easy using Ziploc bags. One bag has enough room for one chicken, and its spill-proof quality will make sure that your seasonings will not leak through. Since these bags can be stacked one of top of the other, you can save a whole of space in your fridge. You do not need to open the bag to turn the meat over and distribute the seasonings; you just turn the bag itself and you’re done. Because of the coverage that the meat will get inside the Ziploc bag, it will actually take you less time than usual marinating the whole chicken.

Other practical uses of Ziploc bags:

  • You can remove candle wax or chewing gum from cloth surfaces with the help of Ziploc bags. Fill the bag with ice cubes then rub it over the gum or wax. When the substance hardens, you can pry it off easily.
  • You can use it as a instant funnel. Just cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and pour liquid through it.

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