Your Ex: Should You Still Be Friends With Him?

The trend nowadays is that women are no longer in a rush to get married. If you are a single woman who belongs to this free-spirited, independent bunch, chances are you have quite a collection of ex-boyfriends. Some of them you may have let go just like that, and some of them you still haven't got over completely. This is a sticky situation that a lot of women get themselves into more frequently than they should; they still see their ex-boyfriends even though the relationship is already over. You might be using the we're-still-friends-so-there's no-harm-in-seeing-each-other bit to justify the situation, but the question is, can you really be and should you really be friends with your ex?

Here's the deal. You CAN be friends with your ex if…

– There is absolutely no more carnal chemistry between the two of you. As in, you wouldn't jump into bed with him even after you've had a few drinks too many.

– You're absolutely cool with hearing him talk about the new girls he had been hanging out with.

– You can talk to him about your problems without wishing that you're back in his arms again.

Ditch him NOW if…

– You still get into jealous rage everytime you hear he's dating someone else. Heck, just the thought of him being friendly with another female can actually send you into emotional overdrive.

– You have to lie to your friends and tell them that you're really NOT seeing him on the sly, even though the opposite is true.

– You still think about him everyday, every minute, as long as you're awake. And you dream about him when you're sleeping.

– There is an excruciating pattern of the two of you breaking up and getting back together, over and over again.

There's nothing wrong with being friends with an ex, really. But the thing is, can you handle it? Getting back into a platonic relationship with someone you've been intimate with especially for the longest time is a mighty feat, and not a lot of people, men and women, can actually do it without encountering some issues. Don't hesitate to bid the ex sayonara if you think that's the best thing to do.

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