Why It Pays to Be a Bitch When it Comes to Dealing with Men

No, we don't mean being a pain in the butt for every male specimen you meet. We mean this in a general way – a bitch means a woman who knows what she wants and will do everything in her power to get it. Being a bitch doesn't automatically mean that you are an evil person. In this case, it simply means that you are bold and brazen enough to assert yourself and your needs.

Now that we have already clarified this, let us repeat what we said in there: it pays to be a bitch when it comes to dealing with men. Perhaps you've always adhered to the saying that nice girls finish first, but do they really? Look closely around you: how many guys have you seen dating bitchy, aggressive women? They seem to be everywhere these days; powerful women who can make men do their every bidding. This is just one of the advantages that the bitch has over the “nice girls.” And this is the reason why the book Why Men Love Bitches? by Sherry Argov became a bestseller. The book teaches women a thing or two about being an empowered bitch that will make men sit up and show respect.

If you want to have the same mesmerizing effect on men, here are some of the things that you should do:

· Make yourself unavailable (well, most of the time, anyway)

Show him that you are a busy woman leading a full life and can't be bothered with trivial pursuits and other things that are not worth your time. This will make him want you more and more. And that can only be a good thing.

· Develop a “no BS approach” towards things

Most men expect women to be shy, timid creatures who will always be submissive. The bitch does things differently; she's not willing to take BS from anyone and she will not hesitate to tell you so. Men admire this brazen quality and make them respect her more.

·  Remember that it's all about you

A lot of women commit the terrible mistake of allotting whatever free time they have for a man, and letting him know about the fact. A bitch will not think twice about canceling a date with a man if she feels she's too tired, or just feel like being alone. Men will get frustrated about this attitude, in a good way. This will make them think that they have to be worth your precious time, and will admire the fact that you have your own life that may or may not include him.

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