What You Should Wear to a Wedding

A wedding is not just an occasion where you get the chance to gape at the bride’s gown and feed yourself with sumptuous reception food, it’s also an opportunity for you to dress up and look fabulous. When it comes to dressing up for weddings, there are two basic rules that you should remember. First, don’t put on anything that would outshine the bride. Second, make sure that your outfit is appropriate for the time and place of the wedding. Have these rules in mind and you will have no problem choosing the right clothes to wear for the wedding. To guide you further, here are more specific tips to help you.

For daytime weddings:

  • Daytime weddings are usually less formal than evening weddings. Therefore, you can wear short dresses and lightweight suits. The combination of floral skirts and sweaters is fine, paired with low, open-toe heels. Outdoor daytime weddings are more casual, especially beach weddings. You can wear a knee-length dress made of light, airy fabrics.
  • If the wedding will be held outdoors, you can skip the heels and opt for wedges or a pair of open-toe pumps with thick heels. This will prevent you from sinking into the dirt. Do not wear anything that is too dark (navy blue, black, deep red). Don’t wear white either; leave this color to the bride alone. Avoid anything with sequins or other flashy materials.

For evening weddings:

  • Weddings scheduled after 6 PM are definitely formal, so a more dressed-up look is required. Little black dresses are always acceptable, as well as dresses made of luxurious fabrics satin, silk or chiffon.
  • If the wedding invitation says black or white tie, then it’s time for you to put on the long gowns and show-stopping stilettos. Be at your most elegant and most glamorous by wearing dresses adorned with beads and sequins, paired with high heels and matching evening bags. Avoid anything too sexy or anything that might detract attention away from the bride. Also, make sure that you can dance comfortably in your dress and shoes.

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