What You Should Not Reveal in the Workplace

No matter how close you are with the people at work, there are still limitations when it comes to socializing with them. There are still things that you should keep to yourself, stuff that you shouldn’t even dream of mentioning to them in complete detail. They may be your friends, but you are still working in the same office. Revealing stuff that is too private is definitely a no-no. Here are some information that you should not reveal to your co-workers.

1. Medical information

They don’t have to know that you have a serious heart condition or that you had an ugly attack of herpes a couple of months ago. Telling them can alter the way they behave towards you. They may treat you differently once they learn about your sickness. Besides, majority of HR departments prohibit employees from revealing medical histories to others.

2. Salary information

Money will always be a sensitive topic. No matter how close you are to your co-workers, it will still be awkward to know how much one is getting or not getting. Comparison will always come up when it comes to salary talk. People will wonder if you are actually worth the high salary you are getting. Jealousy will rear its ugly head if somebody thinks they are receiving less than what the others are getting.

3. Links to your personal blog and profiles in social networking sites

While it’s fun to check out each other’s Facebook profile, you have to be aware that you may be revealing too much personal information to your co-workers. You may not be comfortable letting your officemates see your personal pictures. Same with your blog; it’s not wise to let the people you work with see your personal rants on certain topics, which may include your job.

3. Religious and political beliefs

While you really can’t avoid answering someone when he or she asks what your religion is, you can still avoid giving your views on the subject. Same with politics. Avoid the topic as much as possible, because when it comes to religion and politics, no one is really right or wrong. People will always impose their belief on others and this can lead to disagreements.

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