Water Filters

Water Taste
If you’ve ever lived in an area where the tap water isn’t tasty, then you know how important a water filtration system can be. Some people won’t even cook with water from the tap, and sales of water filters have grown substantially since 2007, increasing at a rate of 25%.

Removes Chemicals from Drinking Water

The reason for the rise in water filter purchases could be due to the increase in drilling and fracking, which environmentalists fear could contaminate our water supplies. So what should a water filter do for you? Maybe you just don’t like drinking chlorine or other chemicals used to sanitize water and cleanse it of harmful bacteria.
Choose the Correct Water Filter
In order to figure out what kind you need, you have to know what you might be filtering out! Homeowners get a report from the city, showing them what’s lurking in their water. And you may be shocked to find out what trace pharmaceuticals you’re drinking day after day. But each house is unique. Older homes may have lead contamination, for example.
Kinds of Water Filters
There are different types of water filters. You have those that attach to the waterspout, countertop or cabinet versions, and carafes. A carafe is the least expensive option, but it also does the least amount of work as far as volume goes.
Faucet mounted filters might slow the flow of your water from what you’re used to. But the taste of your water will improve, if that’s been a problem in your home.
Countertop filters take up space, but do a great job of filtering your water and giving you a better tasting drink. If counter space is limited, you might look for one that goes under the sink in a cabinet. You’ll need a special hole drilled for dispensing the drink.
What You Need to Know
Before you buy a water filter, check reviews to see how fast it filters the water. Sometimes you need water in a hurry, and if the filtration system moves too slow, it won’t be of any use to you.
You also want a water filtration system that is compatible with your kitchen area in size and ease of attachment.
If taste is more of a concern than contaminants, look at reviews to see which ones improve taste the most, because some don’t alter it enough to make a difference.
Keep in mind that investing in a water filtration system isn’t just a one time expense. You’ll need to buy cartridges or filter replacements to keep the gadget performing at its best, but luckily, they generally last quite a long time, so it’s not very often that you’ll need to buy these. Good, clean water is definitely worth it.

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