Want To Work In Dubai?


The Philippines receive more than $12 billion/ year from its overseas-based citizens. While it already has many of its people overseas, the number of those wanting to leave, albeit temporarily, is much bigger.

A good number of these people, aspire to find employment in Dubai, the most popular and metropolitan state in the entire Middle East. With a rapidly expanding economy, it requires thousands of workers for its giant urban development projects. Because of Dubai's liberal treatment of its borders, ease of entry makes it a very attractive destination for foreigners seeking employment.

Despite the numerous advertisements for overseas employment, there are huge numbers who are unable to find jobs that suit their qualifications. Not wanting to sit idly, while waiting for that proverbial match, the fearless ones leave on tourist visas and go job-hunting. Every year, more and more Filipinos use that formula, inspired by the success stories passed by the victorious ones.

Contrary to popular belief, a large majority of those who use such formula fail. A lot ended coming empty handed after failing to find a suitable employment upon expiration of their visas. Overstaying is not an option because of the high risk of getting jailed or deported.

Because of these, an adventurous soul who left for Dubai on a visitor's visa, rented a place, applied for work and even leapfrogged to Afghanistan, has written a book in order to help those wanting to seek employment.

DUBAI : My Personal Guide for the Jobseekers” aims to provide a vivid picture of expectations and disappointments that can possibly be encountered by the jobseeker. It contains the author's personal experiences, practical information and insights on what Dubai has in store for the aspiring OFW. It also talked about her Afghan adventure.

The author, Karina Herrera, is a landscape horticulturist with a masters in business from the University of the Philippines. A fearless Karate black belt and avid golfer, she has, in recent years, added photography and writing to her resume. She will be contributing weekly photos to WazzupManila.com.

The book is available in all Fullybooked, National Bookstore and Powerbook branches nationwide.

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