Twilight: The Chick Flick for the 14-Year Old in You

For someone like me who is a fanatic of anything Anne Rice, I first dismissed Twilight as a cheesy vampire movie designed for teens. I was right; Twilight is indeed designed for the teen market, but the surprising thing is, it can appeal to adults too.

I was prepared to hate the movie because of what I’ve initially heard before seeing the film. The vampires were vastly different from Anne Rice’s beautiful, old-world immortals, and the story is about a human and a vampire falling for each other. Yawn, I said. I admit that I haven’t read the Stephanie Meyer books, but the fact that the novels are based on a Romeo and Juliet kind of love story, except that the boy has fangs, made me feel reluctant to shell out cash to watch another chick flick. I eventually agreed to see the movie (a friend paid for the tickets) and I was in for a shock – I was actually going to like it.

It helped that the vampire boy, Edward Cullen, was GORGEOUS. Yeah, that definitely helped a lot. Pale skin, dark hair, leather jackets and a good-looking Volvo will make any teenaged boy look good, but this Edward creature possessed something else more valuable than all of that – a pair of dark, brooding eyes that will melt the panties off females, no matter what age group.  Kudos to the casting crew of Twilight for picking Robert Pattinson (famous for being Cedric Diggory in that Harry Potter film) for the role of Edward; the man is definitely swoon-worthy. The girls in the theater, from the pre-pubescent ones to the 40-somethings, were all in agreement – Edward Cullen can bite them anytime.

Bella Swan is nicely portrayed by Kristen Stewart. As the shy, “average-looking” high-school student who moves in with her dad in gloomy Forks, Swan fits the role perfectly. But what made her portrayal click is her magnificent chemistry with co-star Pattinson, which translated to the yearning and burning desire that Edward and Bella felt for each other.

Perhaps the major attraction of this film (aside from Pattinson) is the fact that Twilight can make even adult women feel like a teenager. Trust me, I’m already in my late 20s, but I squealed like a 14-year old whenever the screen closes up on the poetic depths of Pattinson’s retinas. Cheesy lines that are supposed to elicit bored yawns from someone my age produced the opposite effect – they made me and my friend squeal some more.

I recommend Twilight as a movie that should be watched by girls and women alike. Never mind the storyline, just focus on the fact that the vampires look good and that the film is proof that abstinence CAN be sexy. As for the guys, watch it at your own risk. I strongly suggest against seeing it with your dates or girlfriends – as soon as Cullen appears on the screen, you will have to bear with all the oh-my-god-he’s-so-gorgeous! exclamations she’ll make throughout the movie.

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