Time for Manila to Eat more Fish

A big portion of the fish being consumed by residents of Metro Manila passes through the Navotas Fish Port . It is in this area where fish traders buy and sell various types of sea products in bulk through the famous “Bulong system”. The fish is then distributed to the various retailers in various wet markets and groceries before it finally lands in the various kitchens of Metro Manila.

Due to fears of rice shortage, food prices continuously spiraled upwards during the past few months. But after the typhoon “Frank” hit the country, fish consumption in Metro Manila is currently down by 50% due to weak demand. Fears that fish in the Romblon area are feeding on the flesh of the estimated 700 dead passengers still trapped inside a sunken vessel and around the surrounding areas prompted people to stop buying sea foods.

Some scientists have assured the public that the fish in the country does not eat dead human flesh but still, that did not wash away people's morbid idea that they will be biting into fish that has human remains in its body.

Government people and fish traders in Navotas however, certifies that none of the sea products passing through their port comes from Romblon. They guarantee that 80% of their products come from Mindanao and Palawan islands and the remaining 20% originating from the Visayas are not from the Sibuyan islands, where the vessel sunk.

In this regard, it is probably wise for residents of Metro Manila to take this opportunity to buy fish because of its low price. The drop in demand prompted the traders to sell at 50% off the previous rates and this should be good for the public. Fish is healthy for the human body because of its high protein and omega-3 fatty acid content and it lessens the risk of heart disease, a major contributor to the country's mortality rate.

Where there is diversity, there is opportunity. Buy fish from the Navotas Fish Port.

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