Some Things That You Should Not Say During a Job Interview


It’s only natural to go out of your way to impress when it comes to job interviews. You dress sharp, you groom the hair to perfection and paste a pleasant smile on your face before coming face-to-face with a potential boss. But your nice clothes and disposition will go to waste if you commit the horrible mistake of saying the things that you shouldn’t say during a job interview. Make sure not to utter the following lines when being interviewed:

  • “I really hated my last job, and I especially hated my boss because ________.”

Your interviewer probably knows this already; this is why you want to leave your company right? But having a despicable boss and work environment does not give you the license to do some trash-talking about them. When asked why you want to leave your present employer, tell the truth but say it as graciously as possible.

  • “I know nothing about this company.”

Saying this not only sounds really bad, but it also shows that you did not make even a little effort to do your homework and know basic facts about the company that you want to work for. Your interviewer will assume that you want to apply for the job because of money or benefits alone and not because you want to build a great career with them.

  • “Are you an active churchgoer?”

There is really no need to make small talk with the person interviewing you. If you must do so, avoid very personal questions, especially those that inquire about his religion or marital status. He should be the one asking questions, not you.

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