The White Hat and MIGUEL ESCUETA work together for CHARITY

August 24, 2008 promises to be a SUNDAY that will be memorable for customers who visit THE WHITE HAT at the MALL OF ASIA. Because on that day, rising-star singer MIGUEL ESCUETA is all set to showcase his talents NOT in singing or playing the guitar, but in SERVING CUSTOMERS. In a symbolic example of “serving others”, MIGUEL will wear a special WHITE HAT apron and cap and stand behind the counter to serve all guests with their chosen toppings. He does this voluntarily to contribute to his beloved foundation, I AM STRONG.

– a new store that has now become widely known for its super delicious authentic Italian frozen yogurt has pledged to donate 50% of the entire day's sales to the I AM STRONG foundation. It's in line with the company's goal to be socially responsible. “We have a program called CELEBRITY FOR CHARITY. Once a month, we invite a celebrity to be our guest server. We then donate 50% of the day's proceeds to their favorite charity. It's fun for the celebrity, fun for our loyal customers, and it's a great feeling to know that you are helping others at the same time, “ said Eric Chao, marketing manager of THE WHITE HAT.

I AM STRONG is an NGO that helps our youth to become responsible adults. They conduct nationwide training to inculcate important values such as being TRUSTWORTHY, RESPECTFUL, doing NOBLE deeds, being STEADFAST in times of crisis, OPEN-MINDED, and being GUTSY enough to face challenges.

So people, take this opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Buy a cup of this delicious yogurt and help our youth at the same time. Its a deal that can't be beat…. or we'll eat our HATS!”

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