The Philippines is Truly United and Crime Free Today as Pacquiao Brawls with De la Hoya


Note: The Pacquiao De la Hoya Video and round by round updates are here. Please click the De la Hoya Pacquiao Banner at the right side of this page.

Today, the entire Philippines, all 80 million of its residents are fully united. All politicians, whether for or anti government are at peace, Soldiers and insurgents have both declared a cease of operations and street criminals and even hookers are not at work. The entire country, every square inch of it, is 100% safe and crime free today!

They are all going to watch or listen to the live telecast of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De la Hoya Dream Match. Never has the country been as united as they are, every time Pacquiao steps into the ring. The busy streets that are notorious for its monstrous traffic jams are empty. Look outside the office buildings and you will see the parking lots- empty.

That's the kind of effect that Manny Pacquiao has. Even his political opponents spend money just to be able to watch and honestly cheer for him. As the Dream Match rages, this website is providing live updates. Punch by punch, round by round, you will read it here.

Monitor the Pacquiao De la Hoya bout and contribute to the reduction of gas emissions and tranquility in the Philippines. Let us just hope that this peace and unity will last longer than the last time and not at the expense of Pacquiao or De la Hoya's health. May the best man win. May they stay healthy after this.

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