The Main Culprits of Skin Aging

Everyone wants to be young and gorgeous forever, thus the obsession towards skin aging. Nobody wants to have wrinkles and crow's feet displayed prominently for the world to see, and skin care product manufacturers are quick to capitalize on this endless quest for young and smooth skin. Beauty creams and surgery can help, but wouldn't you prefer to make things easier for your skin and take care of it as naturally as possible? In order for you to do that, you must know the top causes of skin aging.

  • Pollution

The smoke coming out of the exhausts of cars is just one of the pollutants that can harm your skin. Now, the presence of pollution in your surroundings is definitely out of your control, and the only way to combat its effects is to protect your skin with the right diet and proper skin care.

  • Dryness

It's a well-established fact that dry skin ages quickly than oily skin. The lack of moisture makes the skin brittle, and brittle skin is the main trigger for the onset of wrinkles. The only solution is to moisturize regularly. The drier the skin, the more often you should moisturize. Use topical moisturizers and maintain a skin-friendly diet to improve the condition of your birthday suit.

  • Smoking

Smoking not only damages your lungs big time, it can also lead to major wrinkles and dry skin. Smoking dehydrates your skin, and results to premature aging and deep wrinkles especially along the mouth area.

  • Sun exposure

Applying sunscreen is probably the most important beauty regimen you have to maintain. All the makeup in the world will not protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from wrinkles, you also have stronger risk in developing skin cancer if you don't shield yourself properly from the sun.

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