The Health Benefits of Yogurt

There is a reason why a portion of the food section in your grocery is filled with different brands and varieties of yogurts. Yogurt is one of the most popular health and diet foods available, and more and more people are exchanging their calorie-rich ice cream tubs for cups of this delicious and healthy dessert.

Yogurt is made of milk or cream mixed with active live cultures, which are responsible for most of its health benefits. These live cultures are actually good bacteria which improves the way the body functions. It prevents the growth of bad bacteria and makes our body fight off diseases and infections. Good bacteria also improve digestion and boost the immune system. The yeast levels in our body can be balanced by good bacteria and can help prevent the onset of yeast infections. Yogurt can be eaten by anyone, even by those who are lactose intolerant. Regular intake of yogurt can maintain the good bacteria levels in the body.

Another health benefit of yogurt is calcium. Eating yogurt is good for the bones and teeth, especially for the prevention of osteoporosis and bone density loss. Yogurt also contains protein, which provides the body with enough energy to keep the body going. Protein is good for the muscle-building and suppresses the appetite, which can prevent one from indulging in impulsive snacking.

Yogurt can be a healthy replacement for your dessert. You can add fruits, nuts, or even chocolate to your yogurt to make it more delicious. It can be a healthy substitute for milk when cooking waffles and pancakes.

To maximize the benefits of eating yogurt, make sure to choose ones that are low-fat or no-fat varieties. You can also opt for organic yogurt, which is the most natural of the lot.

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