The Health Benefits of Honey

More than just a natural sweetener, honey is also known for the numerous health benefits that it can give to our body. Aside from the taste, the best thing about honey is that you can consume it easily, in a lot of ways. It can be used for cooking and baking, it can be mixed with your tea or juice, it can be spread in breads and biscuits like jam or you can simply eat or drink it on its own golden liquid goodness. Really, there is no excuse to forego the experience of enjoying the taste of honey and its various health and gustatory benefits.

Here is exactly what you can get from generous servings of honey:

  • Natural energy source

If downing cans of energy drinks is not your style, you can use honey to replenish your energy whenever you need it the most. It contains more calories than sugar, and easily converts into glucose which you need to sustain your energy levels. Even those with very sensitive stomachs can easily digest honey.

  • Healthy weight loss

You may be alarmed by the fact that honey contains more calories than sugar, but it actually helps in digesting body fat. Mixing honey with warm water will do the trick. You can also mix it with lemon juice or honey for a yummy weight loss beverage.

  • Natural antibacterial and antifungal agent

Honey is known to help in treating wounds. Various researches show that honey has the ability to deodorize smelly wounds and stimulate wound tissues, which result to faster healing process. In July 2006, BBC reported that the Christie Hospital in Manchester in planning to use honey to speed up the recovery of cancer patients after their surgery.

  • Beautiful skin

Honey is one of the most reliable skin enhancers that you can use. To get the most out of its soothing abilities, mix a generous portion of honey with milk and drink it every morning. Others even use the mixture as face mask, and lots of women even mix oatmeal with the milk and honey to get beautiful, glowing skin.

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