The Delectable Sisig

Here's a foreigner's description of her experience with the bestselling Sisig. I had it once and it was good. In fact, it was very good. But after they told me what it is made of, I decided that it is quite a bit too exotic for me.

Indeed, an examination of the Sizzling Sisig recipe‘s most basic ingredients may find the dish a bit on the wild side. Despite the numerous successful variations, the basic Sisig ingredient remains to be pig's face, tenderized and fried with onions and served on a sizzling plate. In some restaurants, it is combined with other ingredients like eggs, ox brains, pork or chicken liver, etc.

Since its introduction, this dish remains to be a phenomenal success with Filipinos seemingly not losing any desire for food. Every restaurant owner that has it in the menu will tell you that Sisig easily counts among their bestsellers. To further capitalize on its popularity; a lot of restaurants are now coming out with non pork versions such as chicken, squid, tuna and tofu sisig.

For those yet to try this dish, find out why Sisig never fails to be a hit anywhere it is served. Try not to think about its ingredients too much. After all, don't we all eat salami, whose ingredients are basically the same as Sisig?

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