Some ways to remedy your internet connection problems

Does your internet connection seem to be unusually slow these days? Mine is. And whenever I call up Manila based friends to share my anguish, I am told that the situation is the same for most of them.

Being a battle scarred internet user, I have tried a number of remedies and found some to be effective. A lost or slow connection can be traced to a number of problems and before blaming your Internet Service Provider check some of the common causes and remedies listed below.

VIRUS/SPYWARE/MALWARE: These malicious types of software can be very destructive. Very often, it uses your system's resources in launching attacks or spreading itself to other computers, thus slowing your computer. Some viruses also deliberately slow your computer to force you to buy their recommended antivirus, which they themselves created. Download and install a good antivirus and an anti spyware to your computer, regularly update and use to scan and clean your system. There are a lot of free versions in the net, just go to Google and search for it.

CORRUPTED REGISTRY. Viruses, spyware and other forms of malware also corrupts your pc's registry keys. This results in slow loading of programs, slow startups & shutdowns and/or totally lost internet connections. This usually happens after you have used your antivirus/antispyware and removed the offending programs. The solution to this is the installation of a Registry Fix which can be freely downloaded here.

ISP PROBLEMS. run a bandwidth test to determine your connection speed. Some of my recommended sites include;, and I especially like because of its downloadable bandwidth test that installs itself at the bottom of your internet browser. Every time you need to check your connection, all you have to do is click on its icon and viola, the test will run and generate a report for you! Should your connection be unreasonably slow, call up your Internet Service Provider.

MALFUNCTIONING LAN/WIFI CARDS. There was an incident when my connection kept on getting disconnected after every few seconds. I had to keep on repairing my connection through the Network and Internet Connection settings in my Control Panel. The ISP techies came over and changed my connection several times and even replaced the cables to my PC but nothing changed. But after connecting their own laptop and my other PC, they found out that the connection was seamless. It's only in my main PC where there was a problem. Should your connection continue to become problematic, try reinstalling your LAN/WiFi software.

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