SM Launches The First Real Digital Cinema in the Philippines

D-Cinema is the Philippines’ first real digital cinema. It shows high-quality 3D or 2D films in a regular cinema and because it is a digital system, every film is guaranteed to look amazing. It utilizes hi-definition video projectors which allows moviegoers to experience unparalleled quality in vision and sound and ultimate perfection in projection. The digital technology also makes it easy to operate: the movies are installed, replaced, and screened with a single press of a button.

SM D-CinemaD-Cinema has changed the cinema experience as it makes movie reels a thing of the past, making ways for more modern methods of distributing movies. The technical set-up was made by the joint efforts of Arrays Tech Inc. and Christie Digital Systems USA.

D-Cinema is located at The Block, SM North EDSA. For inquiries and ticket reservations, please call D-Cinema at 929-5452 or email

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH in full 3D format in SM D-Cinema

Journey to the Center of the EarthInspired by Jules Verne’s renown novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” the movie stars Brendan Fraser (” The Mummy”) as a science professor whose untraditional hypotheses about an undiscovered habitat within the Earth's core have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. But on an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson of “Bridge to Terabithia”) together with their guide stumble upon a major discovery that launches them on a dangerous journey deep beneath the Earth's surface, where they travel through a strange world inhabited by giant fishes, man-eating plants, and vicious reptiles — a world unlike anything you have ever imagined!

Journey to the Center of the Earth is the first live-action feature film to be shot and released entirely in digital 3D. With spectacular photo-real environments and revolutionary new filmmaking techniques, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D is an epic adventure, one that takes audiences directly into the heart of our heroes’ adventure, bringing them along for an unprecedented, wild and visceral ride.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is directed by Academy Award-winning visual effects veteran Eric Brevig (“The Day After Tomorrow”, “Men in Black” &”Pearl Harbor”) from a screenplay by Michael Weiss and Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin. The film is a co-venture between Warner Bros./New Line Cinema and Walden Media.

The movie will be shown entirely in digital 3D only at The Block, SM City North Edsa’s D-Cinema starting July 10.

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