Sex and the Call Center Culture

The latest batch of sex scandal videos that are spreading in public nowadays include those that allegedly involve employees working for call centers. These “call center scandals” have made people curious about the factors that may have made call centers as a “breeding ground” of hot sex scandals spreading on mobile phones and the Internet.

Of course, the jury is still out on whether this is really true or not, but still, people can’t help but wonder if the culture and working environment in call centers may have contributed to the brazenness of its employees to commit sexual acts inside office premises and record themselves doing the act, whether with or without the intention of spreading the videos to the public.

The social profile of the employees working for call centers is one of the biggest factors of the increasing incidence of sex in call centers. Majority of the employees are young, ranging from 20-30 years old. Most of them are single and a fair lot of them are fresh graduates. People in this age range are at the height of sexual exploration, and working with people with the same age and liberal attitude can lead to bold experimentations with their co-workers right in the office premises.

The financial capabilities of the call center employees are also seen as another major factor. The big salaries allow many of these workers to live away from their parents and do practically everything they want. This exhilarating feeling of freedom makes them adventurous enough to commit forbidden sex in the workplace.

The very schedule of majority of the employees is seen as a major factor to the occurrence of sex in call centers. All people have the tendency to do intimate activities during night time, and this includes call center workers who are on boring and stressful graveyard shifts.

The call center companies themselves are not admitting outright that the sex scandal issues are true, but they are already implementing policies to prevent employees from engaging in sexual activities inside the workplace. Stricter dress codes for women are required to make sure that none of them will wear revealing and indecent outfits when reporting for work. The temperature inside the offices is set couple of centigrade lower than usual to make employees wear jackets, therefore covering up exposed skin.

Hidden cameras and CCTVs are also installed around the premises, especially on the areas where employees were caught having sex. These areas include sleeping quarters, fire exits, parking lots and conference rooms.

Despite all these, people working for call centers stress that the public is blowing the whole thing out of proportions. Sex in the workplace, whether in call centers or not, is already happening even before the BPO industry became popular. The sudden popularity of the call center industry has put the spotlight on them, therefore creating controversies that may or may not be true.

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