Save Gas Through These Effective Gas Savers


In this day of high fuel prices, people should learn how to save gas. Of course, the best item in the list of gas savers is the total end to the use of vehicles. Leave that car in the garage and start commuting. However, for a good number of people, such option is not workable. There are those who live in areas that are not very accessible through public transportation and there are people who need to cover a lot of ground within the day.

Here are effective Gas Savers for the driving public:
  • Leave early, while there is no traffic. In a traffic, gas continues to burn even if the vehicle is on a dead stop or crawling. Leaving the house while there are lesser vehicles on the road will optimize the use of precious gas.
  • Do not drive aggressively. Stepping on the gas pedal only to shift back to the break only after a few moments is heavy on gas consumption. Gas pumped into the engine is not optimally consumed since the vehicle is forced to break or reduce speed only after a few split seconds. According to some tests, this is very important reminder that should be emphasized in the list of gas savers. For aggressive drivers who wants to save gas, take note that this change in driving attitude results to than 30% in fuel reduction.
  • Drive within speed limit. Driving at breakneck speed forces the vehicle to go against the wind. It also compels the engine to exert itself a lot, thereby requiring more gas.
  • Minimize idling. If you are going to stop for more than 30 seconds, cut the engine. Don't put it on idle.

    Here's another tip. Don't bother sweating it out by switching off the car's A/C. Tests have proven that it doesn't result to substantial savings. People are better off being comfortable with the car air-conditioning switched on.

  • All the tips above, when practiced all at the same time, can result to more than 40% in fuel savings.

    Remember the gas savers discussed above. Live a stress free life. Wake up early and drive to work when the traffic is light. Don't drive aggressively. Drive at moderate speeds. There is no need to switch off the car air con. Be happy. Save gas.

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