Salsa isn’t ballroom. Nuff said.

Seriously, all over the world dance floors are packed with all sorts of Salsa aficionados. Salsa is a street dance and its music has captivated people worldwide that most would say that they are addicted to it. Salsa has an appeal that is hard to define, that if you ask somebody why they are so into it, they would be hard pressed to say why but that they can’t go without it. It may be the music, the moves, the people, the community, or the sexiness of it.

Whatever its appeal, Salsa Fanatics Entertainment holds several Salsa Nights that gives Salseros and Salseras of all levels a fun and friendly place to gather and dance. People who walk into a Salsa Fanatics Entertainment event are always surprised that by the end of the night they are already comfortable dancing among a new set of friends.

Salsa is easy. If you can walk, you can dance Salsa. Salsa Fanatics Entertainment always holds a class around 10pm teaching the basics with a few moves thrown in for the people to play with.

Best of all the Salsa Nights have no cover charge, no entrance fee, and welcomes everyone. So we invite you to join us and see what makes Salsa so addicting.

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