Rhian Ramos

Filipino-Welsh beauty Rhian Denise Ramos Howell was born on October 3, 1990 in the Philippines. Her rise to showbiz fame was quick, bagging a lead role opposite Richard Gutierrez in the hit TV show Captain Barbell even though she was just new in the industry. After Captain Barbell came a slew of leading lady roles that other young actresses won’t be able to get in such a short time.  She starred with Richard again on the action show Lupin, then went on to star on the film My Only Love opposite Mark Herras. The film was Rhian’s biggest break in the business so far, and she recently signed a full and exclusive contract with GMA Films.

On May 2008, Rhian, along with other talents including beauty queen Abigail Cruz, represented the Philippines in the 3rd Asian Supermodel Contest in Guangxi, China. Despite being noticeably shorter than other foreign contestants. Rhian walked away from the competition with a major award. 

She is currently in a starring role in the TV series LaLola, where she plays a man trapped in a woman’s body after being transformed by a curse.


Her rapid rise to fame did not go unnoticed among other people in showbiz. Critics were always quick to cite her relationship with GMA’s Artist Head Ida Henares (she is Rhian’s aunt) as the reason for her sudden superstardom. She was allegedly involved with catfight issues with fellow actresses Alessandra de Rossi and Ara Mina. Haters also made a negative issue of her close friendship with notorious DJ Mo Twister.

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