Raw Food Diet


MANILA, Philippines—Culinary artist Cherie Lou Ignacio was a walking drugstore for most of her life. She suffered from hypertension at 21 years old, had a baby who died in her womb at 23, suffered from arthritis in her 30s, not to mention high cholesterol, and had lived on heavy medication until her 40s. Meanwhile, she established a successful but stressful Quickmelt Ensaymada business, went through a rocky relationship and survived it. As if the travails weren't enough, she was diagnosed with kidney stones.

Not wanting to have them blasted, Ignacio decided to take the natural route by chucking in the white flour and refined sugar for a healthy diet of brown bread and green leafy vegetables. Eventually she met a naturopath who put her on a raw food diet. In three days, she was liberated from all her medications

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