Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is often hailed as “The Poor Man’s Boracay,” because the accommodations in Galera are definitely cheaper than the ones in Boracay. But this does not mean that  staying in this tropical gem in Oriental Mindoro is less satisfying. On the contrary, Puerto Galera became one of the most popular beach spots in the country because of its close proximity to Manila and very active night life.

Galera has several beaches, with Sabang Beach and White Beach as the more famous ones. Sabang Beach is more popular with foreigners, while most locals head to White Beach. Both beaches are filled with hotels, resort houses, restaurants and bars, which are always filled with local and foreign tourists all year round. The number of tourists in Galera escalates especially during Holy Week, when people from Manila flock to the nearest beach for a quick weekend getaway.

If you prefer a more peaceful stay in the island, head for smaller beaches like La Laguna, which is less crowded compared to Sabang and White Beach.

Aside from beautiful sunsets and exciting night life, Puerto Galera is also a favorite destination for divers. The Sabang area is known for its excellent diving spots. There are approximately 30 dive sites near the Sabang Beach, which are easily reachable by boats. Diverse marine life and several shipwrecks have made Puerto Galera into a diving paradise. Because of this, the island became a technical diving destination in Asia, and offers basic and advanced diving courses.

Galera is also a great place for various water sports and activities, such as jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and sailing.

For golf enthusiasts, Puerto Galera has a nine-hole golf course located on the hillside, just above White Beach.

One can never run out of places to stay in Puerto Galera. Aside from the pricey hotels and resort homes, the island is filled with cheap lodgings for individuals or groups. Food and drinks will never be a problem for those with limited budgets; there are many restaurants and bars by the beach that serve reasonably priced meals and cocktails. And while you are in Galera, do not forget to try the island’s most famous concoction, the lethal Mindoro Sling.

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