Practical Tips for Worry-Free Travel

Traveling usually has its fair share of hassles, which is not right, especially if you're going on a vacation. To make your travel time as worry-free as possible, include these practical tips on your checklist.

· As much as possible, try to buy your airline tickets during off-peak seasons. Air fare during this time of the year is way cheaper than peak season tickets, and you will also avoid the heavy rush of people trying to get to the same destination. Purchase tickets at least two months in advance.

· Fill up on gas before you leave the city. Fuel can be pricier on out-of-town destinations, and this will save you the time of driving around looking for the nearest gas station in the middle of the highway.

· Go to your favorite beach spots in February or September. Summer is fun, yes, but beaches during this part of the year are crowded beyond belief, and hotel and resort prices are sometimes double the normal rates.

· Schedule your vacation during a long-weekend. This way, you can maximize your time off from the office and the fees that you paid for air fare and accommodations.

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